September 27, 2007

Sinag, the very first solar powered car designed and built in the Philippines, will see action in Australia for the World Solar Challenge in October 21 this year.

The car is conceptualized and constructed by the students and faculty of De La Salle Univeristy-Manila with the help and partnership of the Philippine Solar Car Society, Inc. It is equipped with a model A-300 monocrystalline silicon solar cells provided by SunPower, the world’s leading solar power company and is capable of delivering 2kW of power. It weighs 150kg and its hull is made of pre-scored Termanto PVC boards covered with carbon fiber weave, which would make the car strong yet as light and flexible as possible, helping to further reduce its power needs.

Sinag can reach speeds up to 100kmph and its electrical system includes Kokam Lithium Polymer batteries that store excess power generated by the solar cells. This excess power can be tapped by the motor when there is a sudden reduction of energy received from the sun. The 120v batteries can be charged to full capacity in 5 hours and can continuously power the car at top speed for 4 hours.

Sinag will face its ultimate test in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Kudos to all who is behind this endeavor project. Proudly Philippine made.


Fedor said...

wow, I would never drive that car, I like to keep it original just drive regualar v6 combustion.


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