Small World

June 12, 2007

Itch mite on the surface of the skin. The female mite tunnels in the skin to lay her eggs and the newly-hatched mites are passed easily from person to person. The itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the mite's saliva or feces. Magnification: 300x

Microsurgical clamp is used in microsurgery on the brain for removing tumors. It measures only .63 millimeter in diameter. Magnification: 34x

Colored scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of velcro.
Magnification: 50x
The fire ant (Solenopsis spec.)
This predatory insect gets its name from its painful sting. A swarm of these can kill small vertebrates. They use their venom to attack their prey. Magnification: 30x

Yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti scanned by colored scanning electron micrograph (SEM).
This blood-sucking mosquito spreads yellow fever, dengue, and filliarisis. The parts of the mouth that the mosquito uses to pierce the skin of its victims are shown at the left. Only the female mosquito carries the virus. Magnification: 50x



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