November 19, 2007

Are you familiar with the phrase "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog?" It's a sentence which contains all the letters of the alphabet. This is called a Pangram from the Greek words "pan gramma", every letter. Pangrams are used to display typefaces and test equipments. For example, the pangram The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog was utilized by Western Union to test Telex/TWX data communication equipment for accuracy and reliability. It actually is the most well known pangram. Those phrases which contain all the letters of the alphabet exactly once are called perfect pangrams. Forming these type of pangrams are very difficult to achieve.

In the 1980s Michael Jones submitted two pangrams to Guinness: "Veldt jynx grimps waqf zho buck" and "Qursh gowf veldt jynx zimb pack." Guinness chose the first one. Michael writes that the second pangram "describes a scene where some Arabian coins are striking a group of flies gathered on that woodpecker. The two pangrams are formed using the alphabets only once, and without proper nouns, acronyms and abbreviations.

Here are examples of the other type of perfect pangrams which uses proper nouns, punctuation symbols and abbreviations.

Blowzy night-frumps vex'd Jack Q.
Glum Schwartzkopf vex'd by NJ IQ.
New job: fix Mr. Gluck's hazy TV, PDQ!
Frowzy things plumb vex'd Jack Q.
J. Q. Vandz struck my big fox whelp.

Here are other examples of pangrams:

Quit beer," vows dizzy, puking, Michael J. Fox (by Idris Mercer)
A large fawn jumped quickly over white zinc boxes.
A mad boxer shot a quick, gloved jab to the jaw of his dizzy opponent.
A popular belief is that fornication would be a quick fix for some overzealously judicious governments.
A quart jar of oil mixed with zinc oxide makes a very bright paint.
A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
A quick movement of the enemy will jeopardize six gunboats.
A very bad quack might jinx zippy fowls. 32
About sixty codfish eggs will make a quarter pound of very fizzy jelly.
Alfredo just must bring very exciting news to the plaza quickly.
All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge.
Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes (40)
An inspired calligrapher can create pages of beauty using stick ink, quill, brush, pick-axe, buzz saw, or even strawberry jam.
Anxious Paul waved back his pa from the zinc quarry just sighted.
As we explored the gulf of Zanzibar, we quickly moved closer to the jutting rocks.
Astronaut Quincy B. Zack defies gravity with six jet fuel pumps.
Back in June we delivered oxygen equipment of the same size.
Back in my quaint garden, jaunty zinnias vie with flaunting phlox.
Ban foul, toxic smogs which quickly jeopardize lives.
Barkeep! A flaming tequila swizzle and a vodka and Ajax, hold the cherry.
Baroque? Hell, just mix a dozen wacky pi fonts & you've got it.
Bawds jog, flick quartz, vex nymph. 27 (by Sir Jeremy Morse)
Big July earthquakes confound zany experimental vow.
Blowzy frights vex, and jump quick. (28)
Blowzy night-frumps vex'd Jack Q. 26
Blowzy red vixens fight for a quick jump.
Boy, Max felt hazy during his quick weaving jumps!
Boys of quartz duck phlegm, vow jinx. (29)
Brawny gods just flocked up to quiz and vex him.
Breezily jingling $3,416,857,209, wise advertiser ambles to the bank, his exchequer amplified.
Brick quiz whangs jumpy veldt fox.
By Jove, my quick study of lexicography won a prize.
Campus TV quiz: just why is gold buried at Fort Knox? [Games For Insomniacs (1966) by John G. Fuller]
Cozy lummox gives smart squid who asks for job pen. (41)
Cozy sphinx waves quart jug of bad milk. (32)
Crazy Fredericka bought many very exquisite opal jewels. 48
Crux: Why joking TV blazes FM PDQ? (26) (by Toby Gottfried, 2005)
Cwm kvutza qoph jynx fled brigs. (by Greg and Peter Maggs)
Cwm, fjord-bank glyphs vext quiz 26 (by Dmitri Borgmann)
Dangerously frozen, he quickly judged his extremities to be waterproof.
Doxy with charming buzz quaffs vodka julep.
Dr. Jekyll vows to finish zapping quixotic bum (by Idris Mercer)
Dub waltz, nymph, for quick jigs vex. 28
Dumpy kibitzer jingles as exchequer overflows.
Ebenezer unexpectedly bagged two tranquil aardvarks with his jiffy vacuum cleaner.
Emily Q. Jung-Schwartzkopf XV, B.D. (26)
Exquisite farm wench gives body jolt to prize stinker.
Exquisite wizard flock behaving jumpy (by Idris Mercer)
Fabled reader with jaded, roving eye seized by quickened impulse to expand budget.
Few quips galvanized the mock jury box. (32)
Five big quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.
Five jumbo oxen graze quietly with packs of dogs.
Five or six big jet planes zoomed quickly by the tower.
Five wine experts jokingly quizzed chablis sample.
Fjord-buck zags whelm qvint pyx. (26) (by Dmitri Borgmann)



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