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July 5, 2007

iI chanced upon this extraordinary clock from The author says, the statistics are based on actual data. What struck me most is the stats in abortion. It's just so sad to see how fast it ticks.

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Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda. said...

Nice posting.But are these statistics real?Is it possible to present such kind of statistics on a realtime basis?Just wondering

Orca said...

The first time I saw it I also wondered because I think it was too good to be true. But as the author said, he based it in on real world data from WHO, CIA factbook, US census bureau etc. However, accuracy he said is not really guarranteed due to contradictory and dynamism of data.

365 Days said...

awesome site... thanks for the cool link, keep bringing us cool new things to see.

365 Days - One Goal - Can I Do It?

BillyWarhol said...

that is amazing*

looking at the Diseases over on the right i hope we pursue Embryonic Stem Cell Research full speed ahead to Help all the people suffering from those horrible Diseases + Ailments*


Orca said...

thanks billywarhol for visiting. Yep the stats are really quite staggering. I hope it slows down.

Orca said...

365 days, thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you loved it. I love to browse whenever I have free time that's why I was able to pick up this site


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